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"Not Only Helping Me Build My Wealth But Also Those On My List And Website Visitors!"

"Edmund Loh,

"Shocking! That's what I thought when I saw the pricing on an what is 'Most Wanted Info'. And rhank you so much for putting this latest PLRGold Package together and the upsell packages too which I love.

"Of course, the information is just what I needed but more importantly many of my friends and customers on my email list are home business owners or entrepreneurs building business on the Internet... so the content is perfect for THEM TOO.

"The PLR packages that can have varied rights passed on to my customers and some resellers themselves will make them money too. So by providing this awesome package, your not only helping me build my wealth but also those on my list and website visitors.

"Thank You!"

To Your Continued Success!
- Leon Edward

"More Than $8,000 In Profits!"

Hi Edmund,

I just wanted to let you know that I am so excited right now. Your newest collection of power-packed Private Label Rights is simply incredible.

You've always set the bar high but this time you've blown the roof right off the house with this massive package of goodies.

Private Label Rights are simply the way to go for anyone looking to Make More Money and Save A Lot Of Time and I have personally been able to generate more than $8,000 in profit using PLR products in less than a year and believe me, if I can do it then ANYONE can do the same.

The part that always has had me waiting with baited breath for your newest releases is the quality of your products and the topics you and your team choose. You know exactly what my clients and website visitors want to know about and that alone is worth Gold to me.

I can't wait to start cranking out one new and exciting product after another with this massive collection!

As I said, if I can do it, anyone can do it, and you went the extra step to even provide helpful insider tips, and more to make it even easier...

PLRGold5 comes with my personal highest recommendation for anyone that is looking to get started or expand their business fast.

Thank you once again for an incredible deal,

-- Xavier Nelson

"I've Turned One Product Package Into Over $6,000 In Profits with Very Little Effort!"

"Hey Edmund,

"I just wanted to write you and let you know I'm excited about your new PLRGold membership site. It's well-stacked with great PLR content that will go a long, long way.

"I know there's going to be a lot of money made by smart marketers that take advantage of this one...

"In fact, I've had some great success using PLR... I've turned one product package into over $6,000 in profits with very little effort.

"Now that I have it set up, I run it as a special time- limited offer over and over again... And every time I do, it cranks me out more money.

"And with your new PLR Gold package, I can set up numerous more PLR profit streams all ready to go because YOU did all the hard work that I won't have to do.

"Thanks for making your PLR package available because PLR has really paid off nicely for me and I'm sure this package will also work well for many others too."

-- Michael Nicholas
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"Made Me An Extra $1,400 a Month!"

"Hey Edmund,

"When it comes to Private Label Rights, I know who to turn to - and that's you.

"Your PLR products are one of the few which I've used to create my viral reports and E-books which has generated me unstoppable sales and subscribers.

"I've been using and profiting from your PLR products since early 2006 and it's made me an extra $1,400 a month just by selling a couple of your products in my backend marketing!

"I am also a big fan of viral marketing. So it's no surprise I've used your PLR products to create viral reports that sucked in subscribers for me like clockwork. Small wonder where the extra 10, 20 even 30 subscribers a day were coming from.

"To be brutally truthful about the quality of your PLR products, yours is content-rich, information-rich and useful-rich.

"It doesn't matter what level of learning someone is at, there's always something to learn from your PLR products. You've also taken an extra step by including a professionally written sales letter to most of your PLR products, so anyone can simply upload it to their web site and start selling. The sales letters alone would normally cost about $1,000 - $3,000 to do!

"Thanks for providing the Internet marketing community with high quality PLR products!"

-- Aurelius Tjin

"Made Around 1,000 Times My Investment Back (No Kidding)!"


"I have to congratulate you on this package!

"Every component in here from the products themselves to the punchy sales letters are first class. It's clear you've worked hard so that the people who buy this don't have to.

"Anyone smart enough to grab this deal from you could be making money with it in less than an hour and for months to come.

"I'm very impressed!"


"Edmund You've done it again!

"With each of your PLR sales you manage to up the ante and deliver more and more value each time. PLRGOLD is a great package for anyone who wants instant products to sell and as usual you've picked some great niches and done the hard work for people. I'm always happy to endorse your offers to my subscribers because I know they'll do well with them."


"Edmund, You already know this but I'll write it down in case you want to use it as a testimonial on your site... Your PLR products ROCK!

"Again and again you hit on the right topics, create good quality work and have killer sales copy to go with. I almost feel guilty buying these from you (LOL almost!).

"The last couple I must've made around 1,000 times my investment back (no kidding). If you stop I'll come over there, hunt you down and kick your butt! Keep 'em coming, just don't tell anyone else."

-- Simon Hodgkinson,
The Resale Rights Review

"Consistently Fantastic!"

"Hi Edmund!

"Congratulations on your recent successes - you certainly deserve them!

"Your releases of PLR Products over the last few years have been consistently fantastic - well-written, great graphics and very professional sales pages.

"You can count on Teri & I to always be amongst your first purchasers with each new launch, and to promote them to our lists without hesitation!

"Keep up the great work!"

-- Teri & Doug Champigny

"Quickly Rebrand & Turn A Fast Profit!"


"I just wanted to let you know that I always look forward to your Private Label Rights product releases.

"There are very few resources that I depend on to provide me the high quality material that I expect. You definitely are one of them!

"You always know what the trends are out there and because of that your PLR products allow me to quickly rebrand and turn a fast profit.

"I don't even have to think twice when they come out. Please don't ever take me off your notification list!"

-- Richard Wing

"The Defacto Standard in The PLR Market!"

"I've bought many of Edmund's Private Label products and the quality remains uncontested & undisputable!

"There are a lot of PLR products out there yet Edmund's are the only one that provide true value to both sellers and end-users. Rest assured!"

-- Vince Tan

"Top Notch!"

"Edmund Loh is a PLR industry leader - one of the most dedicated and experienced pioneers in the Private Label Rights Arena. I have had the privilege of working closely with him on many occasions and what he offers really empower others to take their businesses to the next level.

"His PLR products are top notch as they offer the latest and most comprehensive content around the Internet marketing scene.

"I highly recommend Edmund's PLR E-Books to anyone!"

-- Khai
Marketing Specialist

"Smoking Hot!"


"Wow, this PLR package is smoking hot! What I like most about it is that you went out of your way to make sure it's truly unique!

"The PLRGold4 collection covers topics that most marketers haven't thought of yet. Well done, and thanks again for these quality products."

-- Michael Rasmussen

"My Official PLR Guy!"

"Edmund is my official 'PLR Guy' where Private Label Rights is concerned. And whenever he releases brand new Private Label products, I purchase them right away (without even reading the entire sales letter) because I'm confident that Edmund knows his stuff and the quality he provides!"

"I would highly recommend his Private Label products to anybody who likes to seek expansion in taking his or her business to the next level!"

-- Arindam Chakraborty,

"This Is An Exceptional Value Package..."

"Hi Edmund,

"I was fortunate enough to get your PLRGold 3 package and I would like to say something to anybody who has not seen these PLRGold packages from Edmund - 'This is an exceptional value package and Edmund has really delivered on getting you everything set up in order to market these packages'. Brilliant quality and attention to detail. I am looking forward to the next one as well!

-- Mike Horley,

"First Class!"


"All of your product offerings are first class and PLRGold 3 is no exception. I was not disappointed.

"I also am impressed with the high quality of the mini-sites and graphics that you include with your resell packages. Great job!"

-- Daryl Daughtry,

"Your Products Are Superb!"

"Edmund, your products are superb! All the products I have bought from you have been well put together with forethought as to how they may be used. I am being able to put together a package that I know will be successful.

"Thanks to your 'paint by numbers' products and support. I have a couple of favorite Marketers, and your one of them. Thank you."

-- Sharyn Proctor

"Fantasic Quality!"

"I've come across your products before, Edmund, and these are at the fantastic quality I would expect from you. PLR enables anyone to get their own products fast and profit from them straight away without extensive outlay. Well done, Edmund, for these great products."

-- Roger Cater,

"It's Blowing My Head Away!"

"Hi Edmund,

"Your Mini Give Away E-Book is blowing my head away! It's literally a step-by-step blueprint to anyone who wants to succeed in this area. I don't know why you want to sell it away, but it's worth every single cent!"

-- Joseph Then,

"Been A Long Time Since I Last Read An E-Book Of Such High Quality!"

"Hi Edmund,

"In the past, I have bought many Private Label Rights products and it was equal if it was a tool, software or even E-Books.

"Also I read many E-Books so far but what you offer in this package is really unbelievable!

"It has been a long time since I last read an E-Book of such high quality. Your E-Books are written very well and your added plans make it even easier for everybody to understand how the provided techniques work.

"Well done my friend! I cannot wait to see your next work. You are now on my list of respected marketers."

-- Dirk Wagner,

"In Just 2 Weeks I've Already Gotten Nearly 1000% Return On Investment!"

"Hi Edmund,

"Wow! Thanks for such an incredible value! In just two short weeks I've already gotten nearly 1000% return on investment. That's HOT!

"You've really taken it a cut above by providing a very distinctly unique collection of quality Private Label Rights products that are top notch.

"The Mailing List Profits E-Book alone has already been responsible for $1,645.00 (in profit) with just a few emails to my list!

"Well done my friend."

-- Louis Burleson
Unlimited Free Marketing Tools

"Without A Doubt - This Years Best PLR Deal!"

"Hi Edmund,

"Without A Doubt - This Years Best PLR Deal!

"It wouldn't be fair if I didn't write you an email and congratulate you on a job well done! :)

"This new package covers the essentials for any internet
marketer or information entrepreneur trying to get their
online ventures off to a flying start.

"Most importantly each product is original, not a rework of something else. This factor alone makes this package stand head-and-shoulders above the rest.

"I highly recommend this package deal to any budding or
seasoned internet marketer as a must have!"


"Hi Edmund,

"Your PLR products have made me thousands of dollars in a day!

"They saved me countless hours in research and preparation. I can focus my energy instead on rebranding & personalizing them to suit my specific needs.

"Therefore, without hesitation, I can only highly recommend them & crown you the 'Prince of PLR'!"

-- James Brown,
Make Money Online

"Great Time Saver!"

"All we can say is,' You've Done It Again!'

"This IS the ultimate "How-To" Guide for all levels of internet marketer. We're positive these products will literally fly off our digital shelves!

"And the best part of your generous offer is we now even get to resell the Private Label Rights.

"Talk about a great time saver! It would have taken us months to create these products - but now you've virtually done it for us.

"Thanks again for putting together such a high quality package. We're still overwhelmed by the endless possibilities! :-)"

-- Aaron Leighton and Dave Isaacs,

"I Highly Recommend This Package To Anyone In The Resale Rights Business!"

"Hi Edmund,

"I am really impressed how you have put together 7 essential products in one package... and with private label rights on top of that!

"This package covers the entire process of how to set up and sell any product. Everything from list building, sales page writing, image creation and step by steps on how to use resale rights.

"I highly recommend this package to anyone in the resale rights business or wanting to get into this very lucrative business market."

-- Jeremy Gislason,

"What A Package!"

"What a package! You've really put together a revenue generator with this one. I can get up to speed and out to subscribers in record time.

"Keep it coming!"

-- Ike Johnson,

"I Have Already Made $179.00 My First Day..."

"Hello Edmund,

"You have really done it with this package of goodies! I have already made 179.00 dollars my first day selling the Mailing List Profits package and that is just ONE -- I have four more to sell."

"Keep 'em coming!"

-- Ken Kirchner Reno, NV,

"It's An Offer You Cannot Afford To Miss."

"Here is a REAL Story...

"At first, I bought one E-Book from Edmund for personal use. After reading it, I got so excited that I emailed and asked him if he sells the Private Label Rights of it.

"He pointed me to some sites and I finally ordered the Private Label Rights almost for all of the products offered. Most of them are offered through this page too.

"In simple words: It's an offer you cannot afford to miss."

-- John Delavera,



NEW! What They Have To Also Say About My 750 Traffic Tactics PLR Package

"You Over-Delivered!"


"Your 750 Traffic Tactics PLR is fantastic! I wanted it because I was looking for new traffic generation ideas, and I wanted content for E-Books and blogging that I could quickly put into my own words.

"You over-delivered, covering traffic generation from so many different angles.

"Thank you for a value-packed product that anyone can use to create their own content on generating website traffic."

-- Willie Crawford

"This Is Truly A No-Brainer!"

"Thank you Edmund for the opportunity to grab this fantastic package!

"750 Traffic Tactics is not only great for using in my own traffic strategies to expound upon article marketing but also for developing special reports, articles and E-books for my lists of subscribers.

"This is truly a no-brainer... One single product I can create using the quality content within this massive package will crank out an easy $1,000 straight into my PayPal account. That's from one single product!

"My head is spinning with all the ideas I've got looking in this huge package it's crazy. I'm always looking for great quality PLR content for my Internet marketing business because of all the many ways I can cash in with them."

To Your Success,
Dean Shainin

"The Most Complete Traffic Package I Have Seen Yet!"

"Hi Edmund,

"After looking over your newest Private Label package all I can say is WOW!

"This has to be the most complete traffic package I have seen yet. You always seem to amaze me with your efforts to put out the best products around. It is easy to see how anyone could from a Blogger to a to a Membership site owner can benefit from your Traffic Tactics.

"I am sure that after going through all this great information that I will see a lot of growth for my business. Keep up the good work and keep the PLR coming."

Jim Miller

"Everybody Knows That Traffic Is King!"

"Hi Edmund,

"Thanks for letting me take a peak under the hood of your next PLR masterpiece! It doesn't take a genius to realise that getting more traffic is goal of every single web site owner on the planet.

"You've created the ultimate collection of traffic guides leaving almost no traffic generation technique out! And, I personally can't wait to get my hands on this PLR gem to feed into my content cash machines.

"Listen carefully... If you're looking for a HOT topic that no web site owner can ignore, then this PLR package has endless opportunities for you to pile a TON of hard, cold cash into your bank account all day long!

"As always, great work Edmund!" :)

James Brown

"I Didn't Realize There Were THIS Many Ways To Generate Traffic!"

"Hey Edmund,

"To be honest, I didn't realize there were this many ways to generate traffic. These tips are a great addition to anyone looking for more ways to drive traffic to their sites.

"And you cover all of the important parts - long term traffic, fast traffic, and even how to make money from the traffic. On top of that, you get Private Label Rights to all of these traffic tactics!

"Great job on this one, Edmund - I can't wait to start putting these to good use!"

All the Best,

Mike Steup

"One Of A Kind!"

"Edmund, these 750 Traffic Tips are one of a kind! I thought you will be laying it out in a boring way instead you are showing the easy little tweak of what can be done on our website that can help us to achieve better traffics. Now you just revealed these secrets and there is no stopping now! Thanks PLR Prince!"

-- Sincerely Yours,
Dee Ferdinand

"Left No Stone Unturned!"

"750 Traffic tactics is a giant Traffic Generation manual which contains so much stuff that is not possible to list here. What I liked most was the Traffic Monetizing. For many of us, getting traffic is the easy part, but it is much harder to figure out how to monetize that traffic. And remember that traffic is of no use to you unless you can monetize it properly.

"Unless you are an Internet Marketing veteran, I am sure you don't know about at least a few of the 30 traffic monetization techniques discussed in the manual. You can of course add your own traffic monetization ideas to it since you have got PLR rights, but to be honest, the manual is so comprehensive that I cannot think of any more tactics. Must say Edmund has left no stone unturned in this one! :-)"

-- Arindam Chakraborty,

"I Have Never Seen So Much Excellent Information In One Publication Before!"

"Hi Edmund,

" Just wanted to tell you that I have never seen so much excellent information in one publication before.

"I told my subscribers that you always over-deliver - and you surely made me look good!

"My personal favorite is the Monetization Tactics - this information could almost be used as a business plan - really good stuff!

"Great job Edmund - and thanks!"

-- Diane Thomas


Note: The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results which do not apply to the average person and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation.